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Accessing W-2 Copies Online

Last Modified: Jan. 17, 2014

Sign up to receive your W-2 electronically.

W-2s are produced on a yearly basis for individual income tax purposes. Form W-2s are statements of taxable income by each taxing authority, including federal, state and local taxes (statements of your total income are available on Your Total Rewards). W-2s are available either through the mail or electronic delivery and distributed by Jan. 31 each year.

Get Your W-2 Electronically

Visit the Active Employee W-2 Services website to sign up for electronic delivery of your W-2. You may access W-2s online beginning mid-January. Once you sign up to receive your W-2 electronically, you will receive it that way going forward. You can opt out of electronic delivery at any time. This site is accessible from home or work using the ID and password you used when you signed up. When you register, be sure to use an email address other than your U.S. Bank email. This way if you leave U.S. Bank, you will still receive your W-2 at your other email address.

W-2s for the last three years are available online. W-2s for earlier tax years are available by filing Form 4506-T with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Receive Paper W-2s

If you prefer to receive your W-2 in paper form, it is mailed to your home by Jan. 31, and delivery can take up to a week or longer. Sign up for electronic delivery to avoid mail delays. Keep in mind, W-2s that are sent by mail may arrive at different times – even if someone in your location already received theirs, yours may still be on its way. If you have not signed up to receive your W-2 electronically and don’t receive your W-2 in the mail by Feb. 1, call the U.S. Bank Employee Service Center at 800-806-7009 to order a reprint (say “Payroll  and HR Services”). Or you can log in to Active Employee W-2 Services website to retrieve it electronically and sign up for electronic W-2s going forward.

Getting Your W-2 If You Leave U.S. Bank

If you registered to receive your W-2 electronically in a prior year (either as an active or former employee), enter the username and password you used when you registered at the W-2 Services website. If you forgot your username and password, follow the links for help or call Service Center at 800-806-7009 (say “Payroll and HR Services”) to have your account reset by a W-2 specialist. Once reset, you can re-register as a new user.

If you are not registered or have had your account reset, register at the W-2 Services website using the “Register Now” button and follow these steps:

  1. Enter "usbank-w2" as the registration passcode, then click “Next.”
  2. Enter your first and last name (as shown on your last paycheck) and select “W-2 Services” from the dropdown. Enter the remaining personal information requested. (If requested, the company code is W09 (capital W, zero, number 9).)
  3. Follow the prompts. If you receive an error message, make note of what it says, and call the Employee Service Center at 800-806-7009 (say “Payroll and HR Services”). A W-2 specialist will return your call by the end of the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We field a number of questions every year about W-2s. What you see below is a recap of the most common inquiries. This does not represent tax advice. If you have any questions about your taxes or your W-2s, we encourage you to contact a tax professional and visit the IRS website.

Why did I receive more than one Form W-2?
There are many reasons why you may receive multiple Form W-2s. Two of the most common reasons are:

  • You worked for more than one U.S. Bank company during the year, which requires separate reporting of income and taxes.
  • You have reportable earnings in multiple states and local jurisdictions.

Why does my Form W-2 show a higher gross income amount for state income than federal income?
Your state, city or locality may not recognize certain before-tax contributions like those made to 401(k) plans or health spending accounts. Talk with a tax professional to learn more.

Why does my Form W-2 show no federal (or state) withholding?
Your Form W-2 does not show any withholding tax because either you requested no tax withholding when you completed your Form W-4, or your income did not meet the minimum withholding requirements. The federal or state income taxes withheld (Boxes 2 and 17) should agree with your paychecks from the year. If they do, there is not an error on your W-2, but you may wish to have your withholding adjusted to increase the amount deducted from your pay. You may adjust federal withholding (Form W-4) through HR Self Service.

My wages didn't change and I didn't change my withholding status or exemptions, but my tax withholding is more or less than last year's W-2. Why?
Tax tables change from year to year, as do the value of allowances that are claimed on your W-4. Both of these factors are included in the tax tables issued by the taxing authority. Payroll is calculated using the latest tables available.

What if there is an error on my W-2?
If you think there is an error on your W-2, research your final pay stub or review the earnings and deductions summary at the top of the W-2. If you still believe there is an error, call the U.S. Bank Employee Service Center at 800-806-7009 and say: “Payroll and HR Services,” then “W-2s,” and then “Questions.” Depending on the problem, it may take a week or more to research and determine if a corrected W-2 (Form W-2C) will be issued.

What if the W-2 shows withholding for the wrong state or locality?
State and local taxes are withheld and paid to the taxing authorities each payday. These taxes are identified on your paychecks and can be corrected only if reported to the U.S. Bank Employee Services Center (call 800-806-7009 and say “Payroll and HR Services”) within 30 days after a payday, or within three business days of the last payday of the year.  Speak with a tax professional to learn more about this.

What is Box 12DD?
Box 12DD shows the cost of your health benefits, which includes your share and ours. This amount is included on the W-2 is for information only. If you have questions about how health benefits are represented on your taxes, check with a tax professional.

My HSA deduction is shown in Box 12 of my W-2 as Code W. Why is it designated as an employer contribution when I have contributed the money to the account?
According to IRS guidelines, the HSA deduction is reported on your W-2 in Box 12 as Code W (employer contribution) because the amount was contributed through the section 125 cafeteria plan as a before tax salary deferral, even though you contributed the money to the account. You may need to report this figure on a different form (Form 8889). Please consult with your tax advisor if you have questions.

Why is the Retirement Plan box checked?
The box will be checked if you met one or more of the following criteria of a U.S. Bank retirement plan (for any part of the year):

  • You automatically become a participant in the Pension Plan on the first Jan. 1 or July 1 after you reach age 21 and complete one year of service in which you work at least 1,000 hours.
  • If you were rehired and were previously a Pension Plan participant, you entered the plan immediately upon rehire (even if you worked less than 1,000 hours during the year of rehire) and are considered an eligible participant
  • If you made contributions to the 401(k) Plan during the year.

If your tax advisor tells you the box should not have been checked, but one or more of the above conditions have been met, the box will remain checked per the IRS guidelines.

Additional Resources

Help by phone: call the U.S. Bank Employee Service Center at 800-806-7009. 
Select Payroll Services, and select W-2,
select Reprints to request a reprint for a missing W-2, or
select Questions for login help or help understanding your W-2.

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